Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We had to get in the celing to tap the new duct into the existing air duct in the room closest to the nursery.
Dane mowing the grass at KWBT....Justin putting the duct in the celing..

Team south at the Southernmost......

Putting the Fun back in Fundamentalism.

As we left Columbus GA we were headed to Homestead FL, which is just a bit south of Miami. We were there at the Victory Baptist Church with Pastor Larry Hobbs. We got there and were able to put a air duct in their nursery so they now have air condition in that room. We also helped the pastor cut his grass.

The most exiciting part of the week though was when he said he had felt led to take us to Key West and help an old church down there. It is the only Independent Baptist Church in the Key West area. So we drove down to Key West Baptist Temple to help Pastor Morris Wright who is in his 80's. While we were there we passed out over 3000 tracts and saw three souls saved on door to door visitation. The church is in such a needy area and they would love any help they can get but as we left you could see the encouragement they recieved and they were a church excited and ready to see more great years of serving the Lord.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Setting Sail in Columbus

As we were saddened to leave Callie Fuller Baptist church we were excited to come to Victory Baptist Church in Columbus Georgia. We were thrilled to hear that we would be working in another Vacation Bible school and for the first time all summer really getting a chance to work with teenagers in depth.

Pastor Preston Parker was an encouragement as he gave Dane the chance to preach to all the kids on the final night, and he gave Justin the chance to preach Sunday night in church. The people were so thrilled to have us and we were able to help the assisstant pastor paint his house in our spare time. The Lord has been good to us, but now our time and Georgia is done and we are headed to Homestead FL, so please continue to pray for us.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Justin preaching to the kids on the last night of VBS.......
Snacktime needs no explanation. :)))
Putting the new carpet down on the porch......
Goodwork Justin!!

Georgia On My Mind

Well we have made it into Georgia and spent a week at Callie Fuller Baptist Church in the small town of Monticello Georgia. We were able to work along side of pastor Gary Darnell as he wanted to work on the front porch of the church. We were able to paint and put down a new carpet. We were also blessed as we got to knock many doors in the area.

The main focus and the most exciting part of the week was working in our first Vacation Bible School of the summer. We were both given the opportunity to preach and blessed as we saw a couple of kids make a profession of faith. There was no service Sunday night due to the family day and fellowship after the church so pastor Darnell took us to Calvary Baptist in the neighboring town pastored by Bro. Danny Mundy. We were amazed when he asked both of us to preach. God is really blessing and we praise Him for it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The best fireworks show in Baytown was put on by NTCP
2 Pioneers, 36 Artillery shells, ONE GOOD SHOW!!

we took down every wall in the house....yes it was as fun as it looks (Dane gave the bathroom a new door)

The funny thing is, this was our day off and its safe to say we have a future in demolition. Nice hit Justin....

Most people play pianos,But Pioneers move them.......